The Constitution to Blame for Congressional Gridlock?

Apparently, President Obama believes that the Senate’s constitutional mandate to equally represent each state “puts [Democrats] at a disadvantage.” Well, this certainly may be true from his or other Democrats’ perspective (or Republicans’ in different circumstances), but this makeup also represents a novel institutional concept once known as federal republicanism. The States created the federal government, not the other way around Mr. President – or is it too much to ask for a Chicago U “constitutional law professor” to recognize this framework? He calls this a “structural” disadvantage; I call it just one of many demonstrably necessary checks and balances on minoritarian tyranny. This expressed sentiment should give some considerable insight into his presumed disdain for the Constitution’s inherent power obstructing nature and to his (and others’) deeply misguided and dangerous belief that unilateral power rationalized by electoral pluralities is somehow just.


Long live the political gridlock, as our freedoms typically live and die with it.



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