Mass Murder Not Just Firearms-Related Incidents

…Nor are these events prevented by even the world’s most totalitarian states and their respective societal gun control restrictions.  As reported yesterday, an apparent group of terrorists wielding knives killed at least 29 people and injured another 143 in China’s Kunming Railway Station, located in the country’s south-central Yunnan Province.

A few of the assailants were eventually fatally shot by police, but only after they exploited ample time to violently attack at least 172 unarmed people who possessed no legal means to defend themselves.

As is usually the case – whether concerning terrorists or the mentally ill (or some combination of both) – such evil individuals tend to purposefully choose locations at which they will likely meet with little to no armed resistance, in pursuit of a high casualty rate.  And unfortunately, hoplophobes and statists alike continue to pursue policies that increasingly provide ample environments for these cowards to choose from.


UPDATE (14 March 2014):  …And here’s another similar incident, if involving entirely different motives.


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