Media Company to Possibly Create Databases of Concealed Carry Licensees

Unsurprisingly, the never-ending political fight against the people’s lawful exercise of their Second Amendment rights has necessarily relied heavily upon mass media collusion.  Now, it appears a large media corporation is planning to aid these efforts by developing and maintaining “state-by-state databases that list those who have the right to carry a concealed weapon.”


Reportedly, Civitas Media will support this effort through mass public record requests.  While I do not personally care if anyone knows that I possess a concealed carry license, this hardly qualifies as legitimate public information in any ethical sense.  I certainly do care if my address is made publicly available simply for complying with unnecessarily bureaucratic laws to exercise my God-given right to self-defense.  And some gun control proponents still genuinely question why so many law-abiding gun owners vehemently oppose registration databases in their various forms.


Publishing such databases will be particularly troubling from both a privacy and safety standpoint if the firm takes the route of New York’s Journal-News by publishing names and addresses of said licensees.  This kind of information effectively provides an interactive mapping system that would potentially aid the discriminatory selection processes of those with criminal intent and an intelligence level just higher than a complete moron (fortunately, among violent criminals the latter criterion represents a very small minority).


Hopefully, there exist at least some local and state law enforcement officials and attorneys general that will exercise enough sense to refuse compliance with such requests until the respective laws can be amended to protect people’s basic privacy (or ideally, not require such licensing in the first place).  If not, I would certainly be interested in publishing similar information related to Civitas Media’s executive decision makers.


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