Growing Record Debts to Continue Financing Corruption Abroad?

So, was the administration’s hysteria regarding the debt ceiling fiasco genuine concern over the United States’ credit rating and economy as widely reported, or was it simply concern over delayed payments to a highly suspect regional “ally” that could not manage to aid in locating Usama bin Laden – all the while he was in hiding less than a mile away from their anemic version of West Point?


$1.6 billion freshly printed GWs are heading out of the country less than three days after the debt ceiling “deal.”  One could dubiously assert, as the administration has implied, that Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is no longer the Taliban’s benefactor or international terrorism engineers that they once were.   One cannot, however, outright ignore well over a decade’s worth of evidence in favor of wishful thinking.


Obviously the working theory is to get the Paki government “hooked” on mounds of “free” cash in order to bend them to our will but somehow I think that the ISI is not as generally susceptible to taxpayer-funded behavior modification as American voters are.


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