Happy Independence Day

Happy 237th America.  As our nation is further suborned away from the founding principles of individual liberty, self-determination, and generally sound economics, let us hope and pray that current and future generations rediscover these natural principles and embrace them anew, that another 237 years may be realizable and prosperous.

Let us be mindful this Independence Day that we do not live in Egypt, Syria, or Russia, and that in recognizing this collective fortune we earn the benefits of our circumstances daily by resisting statist and other infringements upon the individual’s right to live their lives according to their own design, provided they do so in peaceful coexistence with their neighbors.

On a side note, I would additionally ask on this holiday spent with family and friends that we take just a moment to recognize and honor the memories of true individual American heroes, such as Georgian Michael Patterson and the recently fallen members of the Arizona Hotshots crew from Prescott.  While tragic outcomes, these individuals’ actions nonetheless provide an extreme reminder that doing what is right is often not the same thing as doing what is easy, and nearly always requires some measure of sacrifice or discomfort.


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