Police “Raid” Man’s Home Over Facebook Photo

According to this recent report, New Jersey police and Department of Children and Families officials “raided” a certified firearms instructor’s home in an event apparently stemming from the below photo of his son posing with his new gift.  The father, Shawn Moore, posted the photo to his Facebook page which apparently triggered someone’s calling child protective services.  (Seriously?)



© Shawn Moore 2013


The law enforcement officers reportedly entered the home without a warrant, sought to “inventory” his firearms, search his gunsafe (again, without a warrant), and threatened to remove his kids.  All this over a photo of a child proudly and happily displaying his new .22 rimfire rifle in a non-threatening and, yes, legal manner while also applying proper safety rules.


Wow.  And the statist hoplophobes will no doubt collectively insist that Shawn Moore is “dangerous,” simply because he and others like him support individuals’ rights as represented by the 2nd Amendment.


Presumably like Mr. Moore, I have never invaded someone’s home, armed and threatening violence, over a completely benign Facebook picture.  Yet clearly we are the ones that need to be feared rather than the armed representatives of the State.  Unlike the rest of us serfs, they could never overreact or make poor decisions while armed and dangerous…


Incidentally, who is the “crazy” person here, the individual that owns a firearm or the person that calls child services over this silly photo?  As I have said elsewhere, ignorant do-gooders are far more dangerous to the safety and prosperity of the masses than people who simply wish to mind their own business.


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