The Life of Julia

The latest in Big Government propaganda has arrived – and it is a polished, shining product of cradle-to-grave State nannyism, individual dependence, and the benefit-at-the-expense-of-others entitlement culture that progressives of the 20th century have worked so hard to cultivate over the years.

The Life of Julia

This is so silly that I initially thought it was a joke.  Either President Obama’s advisors are incredibly ignorant to how childish this product turned out or they are so arrogantly elitist that they fancy themselves preschool teachers for the populace at large.

I found it interesting how “Julia” and her hypothetical child drew so much benefit from Big Government, as if it were a one-stop shopping service center.  Of course, there was no mention of how Julia and Big Government, in their combined magnanimity, will burden that child with loads of real and hidden taxes the moment it is born through direct debt and debt monetization-induced inflation.  So much for “no taxation without representation.”

Notwithstanding the implication that President Obama will hold office for Julia’s entire life – a tidbit I found particularly humorous given his oftentimes kingly demeanor – does anyone actually take pride in needing or wanting government assistance from the moment they are born until the moment they die?  Can an entire society be proud of being unable to fathom life without this level of paternalistic presence in our lives?  What ever happened to independence, personal responsibility, and self-reliance – are these traits now taboo and to be avoided?  Is it now uncouth to strive to realize one’s potential through merit and achievement?  I cannot speak for anyone else but I certainly did not venture forth from home at eighteen to trade my familial parents for more bureaucratic and unfamiliar ones.

It must be very liberating indeed to possess no shame at all.



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