Blind Faith in the Oligarchy

I am posting this one in Observations simply because I am presenting no philosophical, political, or social analysis of any sort but rather highlighting just how staggeringly fearful we should be with regard to some (most) of the officials “running” what amounts to the most powerful and relevant country in the history of mankind.

Please take a look at the following video clips and decide for yourself whether or not faithfully and blindly placing the public trust in these folks is a good idea or not…

This is easily the scariest revelation I have come across relating to government propriety and oversight in my life.  Who exactly is watching the Watchmen, after all?  The inspector general just cannot manage to locate those pesky trillion dollars, huh?  Wow…

Come on, Chuck!  The average American not knowing the three basic pillars of our own government is one thing but a sitting three-term senator is absolutely inexcusable.  How can we expect the ruling class to adhere to the Constitution and conduct government affairs with integrity when they apparently cannot get their heads wrapped around the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government?

At least this one is funny.  Representative Hank Johnson truly sets the bar in this hearing, so much so that it took the admiral a moment to realize he was not actually joking.  I especially love how his aids tried to dismiss this ignorance after the fact with the asinine explanation that he was employing a sarcastic metaphor.  To think that they actually believe anyone would buy such nonsense.  Oh wait, apparently Georgia’s 4th District did.  Whoops.  I suppose we will continue to get what we ask for, but remember – they are called representatives for a reason.  Perhaps just a little embarrassment is in order…


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